价钱 : Rm 55.00                   
商品名 :双凤戏珠 双节龙                   
商品货号: QJ-033-27-55                   
两端均为男性生殖器设计,弹性实足,增加了按摩时的摩擦感,舒爽至极。本品可在让你享受阴道高潮时,体验到进入肛位的惊奇与快感,让性 爱得到升华。按摩女性阴道内外敏感区域,给女性多重刺激,使之迅速达到性高潮,对治疗女性性冷淡、性高潮缺乏等症有良好的治疗效果。                   
Price: Rm 55.00                   
Ready Stock                   
Product Name: Shuang Long double play beads                   
Product No.: QJ-033-27-55                   
Both ends of the male genitalia are designed, flexible chronological, massage increases the friction when the sense of freshness to the extreme. This product allows you to enjoy in the vaginal orgasm, the experience into the anal bit of surprise and pleasure, so sex has been sublimated. Massage sensitive areas inside and outside the vagina, giving women multiple stimulation, so that rapidly reach orgasm, the treatment of female frigidity, lack of orgasm embolism has a good therapeutic effect.                   
See below. A loaded, length 46 cm, diameter 3.6-4.2 cm.                   
Medical polymer silicone, non-toxic materials                   
1 before use with 75% alcohol scrub disinfection products, products coated with suitable lubricant (recommended together with condoms)                   
(2) into the body, until the climax                   
The apparatus for personal use, should pay attention to hygiene before and after use; Do not coat with ink and other dirt; utensils into the box, should be the original location of each collection well placed for the next use.          

价钱 : Rm 88.00                           
商品名 :穿戴无段式旋转振动                           
商品货号: QJ-0149-45-88                           
产品名称:再展雄风 型    号:IA400113001 品  牌:爱侣 所属类别:男女共用穿戴系列 上市日期:2001年01月 产品净重:175 g 产品毛重:328 g 可选颜色:肉色 包装规格:纸盒英文包装 包装尺寸:20.5×9.5×9cm 产品状态:可供   产品简介:雄风再起。无可匹敌!!                           
Price: Rm 88.00                           
Ready Stock                           
Product Name: G-point Happy Stick                           
Product No.: QJ-0149-45-88                           
Product Name: re-development glory Model: IA400113001 Brand: lovers Category: unisex wear Series Listing Date: January 2001 Product weight: 175 g Product Weight: 328 g Color: flesh Packing: carton packaging in English Package size: 20.5 × 9.5 × 9cm Product Status: available Description: renewed glory. Unbeatable! !                           
Wear, vibration-free stage rotation                           
Uses 2 AA batteries                           
Lovers companies to promote safety, health and proper use of all kinds of sex toys, sex toys for the privacy items for personal use only, must pay attention to hygiene before and after use.                           
1, after using the "toys" because a lot of secretions and residual liquid lubricant, if not a long time cleaning it, easy to breed bacteria, so use as soon as possible after the start cleaning your "toys."                           
2, cleaning should avoid switching, power supply, etc. above water while rubbing with your fingers while washing soft, do not use brushes or acid detergent.                           
3, wash with a dry cotton cloth after the most appropriate, or high-quality tissue paper is also a good choice. Wipe dry after their nature, avoid sun exposure!                           
4, and finally you can use special cleaning fluid or diluted alcohol (75%) to disinfect, but also sprinkle some talcum powder and then collection.                           
5, remember after use is required to remove the battery, do not stay in the toy inside, or cell corrosion may occur! Collection can be flannel dust bag to bag or collection, placed in the shade as much as possible to keep dry.