Wednesday, August 3, 2011


价钱 : Rm 110.00


商品名 :海啸奔腾 

商品货号: QJ-002-58-110





你尝试过一波又一波高潮的冲击吗?全球首款波浪式情趣棒 震撼出击!




5.绝对精品 绝对礼物 绝对震撼 该出手时就出手吧!!!


Price: Rm 110.00

Ready Stock

Product Name: Pentium tsunami

Product No.: QJ-002-58-110

Baby Benefits:

1. Glial good: High-quality soft flexible spines, strongly stimulate gentle!

Basically no odor, and general equipment a significant difference than the work! Parents are definitely worth trying!

2 wave: full massage vaginal wall to fully experience the massage fresh feeling.

You tried to wave after wave of orgasm hit? The world's first taste of stick shock wave attack!

3 Full Swing: 360 degrees swing, six adjustable!

Spin up and can enhance the stimulation of the vaginal wall.

4 double shock: the head is shaking, vibrating fork is also stimulated, only that a!

5 absolute absolute gift boutique is absolutely shocking that it can act! ! !

Instructions for use: After power to the front or finger vibrator massager gently touch the genital area, so the natural vaginal bleeding Aiye, or that can be used with a lubricant. Such as vaginal lubrication is sufficient, you can be Choucha action. Next to the finger massager vibrator can stimulate the clitoris area.
Note: (1) to be gentle and use sex toys, sex toys to use, must be acceptable to both sides without prejudice to the health of the premise.
(2) Baby for personal use only, must pay attention to hygiene before and after use.
(3) the use of the baby after discharge due to a large number of residual fluid and lubricating oil, if for a long time without cleaning it, easy to breed bacteria, so use as soon as possible after the start cleaning your massager.
(4) cleaning should avoid switching, power supply, etc., can be cleaned with water.
(5) collection before removing the battery, after disinfection apparatus into the original package, in accordance place a good income.

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