Wednesday, August 3, 2011


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价钱 : Rm 102.00                   
商品名 :地鼠望月                   
商品货号: QJ-003-48-102                  
Price: Rm 102.00                   
Ready Stock                   
Product Name: Gopher Moon                   
Product No.: QJ-003-48-102                  
Soft and flexible front-end, middle part of five large particles ball-shaped design, with massage the sensitive parts of the roots of the tongue bar. With vibration, rotation, can effectively stimulate the sensitive parts of women, female frigidity, loss of libido have a good improvement.                   
This applies to goods or decreased sexual function in elderly long-term sexual irregular obstacle to the women; couple separated in two places, a strong woman sexuality, and divorced or single woman; especially recommended for high-quality life experience for the successful pursuit of women

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